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An interesting (and well written) article republished by RIDE Mag this morning on social media discussing the eating habits (disorders) of professional riders and whether this is healthy or a good example for younger riders.

When Sky implemented it’s liquid diet in the lead-up to Bradley Wiggins history breaking tour win some eyes were raised but it wasn’t really spoken about.  It was one of Sky’s famous 1%’ers and besides, methods of weight management/loss have been a part of the sport for decades, but generally kept as part of the omertà.  What are those wafers that some riders put under their tongue to suppress their hunger?

How skinny is too skinny for pros and juniors alike?

Speaking with a number of pros and ex-pros at the time, no one was shocked with Sky’s methods of managing their riders weight, with most suggesting it was probably just more ‘scientific’ than other teams/riders methods.  But one look at Wiggins (whom some people dubbed ‘Twiggo’) and Froome and Porte and it was plan to see they were walking a delicate tightrope of weight loss versus staying healthy.

I guess my question is what impact/influence does this look/regime have on young growing bodies?  When kids see their heroes doing it, do they also try and get skinny… and if they do, is it being monitored by professionals?  Unlikely.

I’m not saying it’s prevalent in junior cycling in Australia.  I can’t even think of an anecdotal example of seeing a kid get too skinny.  But weight is definitely something that young riders are aware of and discuss, especially in the lead-up to road season.  It’s ok to put weight on for track season, but the moment road season comes around it’s about losing those extra track kilos.

I guess this isn’t meant to be a scare mongering post, just a reminder for parents to be aware and to discuss weight and what your kids are eating and to make sure you get advice if you need it.  Here’s to happy and healthy cycling…

Another interesting article on this topic was published on CyclingTips a few years back.