It’s Junior Tour Season!

Posted: February 25, 2016 in Tips & Hints

It sure rolls around fast… one minute it’s track season and the next we’re moving onto the road.  Of course for those riders lucky enough to be representing their state at the National Junior Track Champs, they’re all still be going around in circles… but those who haven’t get to enjoy the wide open spaces of the roads.

One junior tour that I’ve written about a number of times before in this blog is the Central Districts Junior Tour.  To be held this year on April 23rd and 24th, the CDJT is one of my favourites.  They just do it well!  Four stages – tick.  Amazing courses – tick.  Great organisation – tick.  Good safety – tick.  There’s nothing not to like about this tour.  I would encourage as many interstate riders as possible to make the trip to SA for one of the highlights on the JT calendar… you won’t be disappointed!


The other cool about the CDJT is you get to wear cool helmet covers… ok, maybe they’re not that cool!

Shame about Ararat and Canberra clashing on May 7th and 8th.  My understanding is it isn’t anyones fault per se, but there definitely needs to be some flexibility and communication amongst host clubs and state federations.  I know the Cycling Victoria calendar was out last November, but equally the Canberra Junior has been on this weekend for the past two years… any how, I know which tour I’d be going to!

I heard a whisper that the Eidlon JT will run on the Friday and Saturday this year to allow host club Blackburn to run a senior event on the Sunday.  It’s school holidays in Victoria (not sure about the other states… it’s scheduled for 9th and 10th July).  This definitely won’t be a problem for the kids and I think parents will do what they need to to make sure they get to the pick of the Victorian JT’s.

As you may have noticed, CyclingDad has been quiet of late.  Partly due to no longer having a junior cyclists (it only seems like yesterday I was cheering for the under-11s!) and partly due to being very busy in my real job.

Again, I’d be happy to hear from anyone keen to take over this blog and keep it going with up to date and topical content.  Please email me at cyclingdad101 (at) if you’re keen.

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