Belgium Boys (Part 1a)

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Opinion, Racing, Road
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Not a full blog post, but a race report after another Aussie win in Belgium overnight… take it away Mitch:

After a quick run over the course as a warm-up and preparation for the race, it was obvious that today’s kermesse was going to be fast, technical and far from a race for the weak.  The field was fierce from the start, pushing and fitting through the smallest of gaps to get to the front.  It wasn’t until the first time up the climb when there were attacks left, right and centre that the bunch strung out and a break had formed consisting of four Belgium boys.

After the first four out of ten laps I was feeling good and in a great position, only to be stung on the face by a bee and was finding it hard to breath.  After about a lap, I put my head down and worried about the race, instead of the pain and got to the job ahead.  Each lap, the pace seemed to get faster and faster. I worked out that to win the race, going down the descent into the last corner before the finish, I would have to be in the top three riders on the last lap.

The second last lap was brutal, with everyone giving everything they had.  As this occurred, my Australian team mate, Riley, was at the back having troubles with his back wheel and brake.  Nevertheless, he came from the back to the front by the top of the hill.  I really take my helmet off to him (pardon the pun) for his amazing effort to help me.  Aswell as this, the second last lap was extremely important as it put us in a great position, sitting within the top five.

The last lap was continued and I was second wheel, exactly where I wanted to be and was able to hold that position into the last corner in which the boy on the front attacked as I followed him and came around him with 150 metres to go.

The feeling of coming second yesterday to Riley was great, but today felt amazing. I’d just like to thank my mum and dad for this amazing experience, Tim Redus and all the guys at the Chainstay for all their amazing support, Park Bikes for their unreal help with my bike and Cipolla apparel for the support and keeping me comfortable

More flowers to take back to the Chainstay - they place will surel be smelling rosy!  Well done Mitch.

More flowers to take back to the Chainstay – they place will surel be smelling rosy! Well done Mitch.

So a great win to Mitch in Parike with Riley getting up fourth after a great job of blocking for his team mate.  Not far away in Vurste-Gavere Maccie was also having a race – his third – along with the other Vertex juniors .  By the look of the results he’s continuing to feel more and more at home with this style of racing.  While I have no report, his finish position of 8th suggest good things ahead.

All the boys have a couple of days off before a joint race at Opwijk on Wednesday – another 60km affair for the nieuwelingers and a 80km race for Maccie and the juniors.

Keep the posts coming fellas!


  1. Jeanette Berwick says:

    Love reading these posts & feeling the boys excitement coming through in their words , great work keep them coming

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