Call for Contributors

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Tips & Hints

This blog started as a bit of guide to parents of junior cyclists… to try and share with them what I went through and learnt (often the hard way) so they didn’t have to make the same mistakes.  I’ve been a bit hit and miss in my updates depending on how busy my real job is.

Regular readers have probably worked out I’m Victorian-based; but I’m keen to expand the blog to cover other states and for it to feature other opinions and ideas.  I’d love if some of you other cycling parents might submit a piece or two now and again.  I’m happy to edit it and will post it.  The blog doesn’t feature advertising so it’s produced purely for the love of it… what I’m saying is there’s no fee for contributing.

Ideally there’d be a parent from each state contributing one blog per month (or really when they’ve got something to say and the time to say it).  I’d love it if we also got contributions from other countries, sharing their stories and thoughts on junior racing.  I’d love it if a junior coach wanted to regularly contribute with tips and hints for young athletes; perhaps available to answer questions?

You don’t need to be a great writer and posts don’t need to be that long: you just need to have something you want to share in and around junior cycling.


I don’t want rants or negative stories complaining about why this or that isn’t right or doesn’t work.  If you feel strongly about something needing to change, put a positive spin on it and suggest some constructive ways to make it better.

Send your contributions to  Hopefully as a cycling community we can all make the way a little easier for those just getting into this great sport.



  1. Jeanette Berwick says:

    We are the grandparents of two junior cyclists who we follow to as many venues as we can & enjoy mixing with our up & coming champions & the cycling community in general, we also enjoy receiving & reading your posts , keep up the good work kind regards Jenny Berwick

  2. Jeanette Berwick says:

    Just a ps to all our Belgium bound cyclists, wishing them all the best & enjoy the experience Jenny

    • cycdad says:

      I’m sure they will Jenny and hopefully they’ll send through some interesting stories about their experiences both living the life and racing.

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