Fancy a trip to Tassie in June?

Posted: May 6, 2014 in Opinion, Racing
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The Mersey Valley Devonport Cycling Club (MVDCC) has been running its Junior Tour for some 50-years (hard to get exact details).  Winners include famous local names like Matt Goss and Ben Grenda.  Having now been to two of the tours I can vouch for the quality of the courses and of the organisation.

Action from the JM17 stage four kermesse from last year's tour.

Action from the JM17 stage four kermesse from last year’s tour, which was won by WA’s Matty Jackson.

If its anything like last year, the under-17s get to race on the course they’ll be using the following year as part of the Mersey Valley Tour for under-19s, which forms one of just three races for Junior World selection, so its worth doing for this fact along if you have designs on racing next year.

In recent year’s the tour has corresponded with an under-17 road camp.  This has variously been supported by the TIS, WAIS, SASI and the VIS.  This has certainly meant a quality field of under-17 riders were on hand.  The younger categories are often hit-and-miss depending on the depth in those years of local riders.  I’d suggest this year there’ll also be reasonable numbers in the under-13 and under-15 categories with a few coming over from the mainland to supplement local riders.

If it’s anything like last year, day one takes place in Sprent with a tough out-and-back ITT (uphill on the way out, downhill on the way back) followed by a road race around a challenging loop.  The base for day two is Railton with the road race that takes in the under-19 course with the Weegena Rd Climb (try 2.2km @ an average of 9%… ouch)… quickly followed by another 1.7km climb @ over 5%… double ouch!!

While roads aren't closed, they are very quiet with good support convoy.

While roads aren’t closed, they are very quiet with good support convoy.

Here’s a link to the breakdown in distances and courses from last year’s courses.

At the end of the day, its a great tour; and especially good if you want to make a family trip of it with lots to do outside the racing.  Plus, being a long weekend, you’ve got the whole of Monday to be a tourist before a leisurely trip home.  Fly or take the Spirit and have your car with you, the choice is yours.

Entries via this link.

Of course if you don’t a fancy a trip south to the Apple Isle, there is plenty of other racing going on: in Victoria there is the famous three-day junior tour, while in Queensland there is the Balmoral Junior Tour.

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