Sebastian Berwick – On the Mend!

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Tips & Hints

Late last year a young Queensland rider had an accident on the way home from a club race.  As he was descending a hill he hit a pothole, tried to keep upright, and in so doing ended up ploughing into the back of a parked car.  A few inches either way and it could well have been a much worse outcome.

CyclingDad told the story at the time (with a blog called There but by the grace of God); written from the point-of-view of a cycling parent and that this sort of accident could happen to any of us.  It was the most viewed post in the short history of this blog with over 3000 views in two-days.

Others in the cycling community were equally touched by Seb’s predicament with a number of the Victorian riders in Seb’s age-group organising a collection at the Melbourne round of the NJTS.  This was supported by the NJTS organisers and everyone who attended was very generous.  The goal was to try and raise money towards a replacement bike for Seb as his got written off in the crash.

Seb being given the bucket of money raised for him at the NJTS.

Seb being given the bucket of money raised for him at the NJTS.

Well, the good news is Seb is back riding, and better than that, he’s back racing.  With the help of money raised (some $1200) and the support of a local bike shop he’s riding a nice new Giant and is even entered to race at the upcoming Australian Junior Mountain Climb Championships up Mt Buffalo.

CyclingDad asked Seb some questions and these are his answers:

How’s the recovery coming along?

I am recovering very well thank you, everything is very close to being healed, the only thing that hasn’t healed yet is the radial nerve in my left arm, so I’m wearing a splint but it’s getting better and I’m coping very well.

What can you remember from the accident?

I can remember everything up until 3 minutes before my accident, going over a small hill on my way home with dad, and then nothing until I woke up in hospital, after coming out of the coma. The pain wasn’t bad until they stopped giving me the very strong pain medication. The pain once I came home was very bad at times and I wasn’t able to do things like showering and dressing myself.  I needed a chair for the shower and needed a lot of help for a while; it was very frustrating after going from being so fit and healthy, to being so reliant on others and losing all of my fitness and lots of muscle, I looked very small and skinny, I lost just under 5kg in the 9 days I was in hospital.

What did you think about all the support you got from the cycling community?

It was really amazing the support I got from the cycling community. I didn’t think people from all around Australia would help out so much and send me so many nice messages, it was a big surprise to me.

What are your goals for this coming road season?

My goals for this road season would be to get a good result at the Canberra Junior Tour and Nationals; if I can get some good result at these competitions I would be very happy.

What have you learnt from this whole ordeal?

That when bad things happen, if you stay positive and work hard you can get better. I’ve also learnt there are many nice people out there who are very supportive and willing to help when you aren’t doing so well.

Can you take away anything from what you’ve been through and offer it as advice for other juniors?

Always stay alert when out riding and look out for potholes.  Stay positive when things aren’t going so well for you and be grateful for everything you have, there are many worse off than you.

If you happen to see Seb up at Buffalo, be sure to introduce yourself and ask him how he’s travelling.

Stay safe out there…




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