Peace of Mind for Parents

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Equipment, Tips & Hints
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One of the big decisions a cycling parent needs to make is when is your child old enough to ride on their own?  It’s a conundrum all of us will face if our kids stay in the sport of long enough.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a country parent or a city parent, for all parents there is that gnawing feeling inside when you know your child is out there and you’re not there to protect them.

I recently bought my son a replacement bike computer, after his broke off in a crash.  His sponsor looked after him with a very good price on a new Garmin 510.  A pretty slick looking product (although a fair bit bigger than his old 500) and offering a few more bells and whistles.

One such bell (or whistle?) is it’s ‘LiveTrack’ feature.  That is, I can sit at home (or be out and about) and ‘watch’ my son riding on a map on my computer or smart phone in real time (or on about a minutes delay).  So I, and his mother, know where he is at any time when he’s out riding on his own.  We can estimate when he’ll be home and we know, heaven forbid, exactly where he is if he crashes or needs assistance.

The 510 syncs with your phone via bluetooth. It's pretty easy to work out. Then you can track your child while they're riding.

The 510 syncs with your child’s phone via bluetooth. It’s pretty easy to work out. Then you can track your child while they’re riding on your phone or computer.

The other upside is that it gives you intervals and tells you average speed, HR, cadence, metres climbed, etc. so it would probably also be good for a coach to ‘monitor’ their athlete.

Any how, I don’t like doing product endorsements here, but thought this feature was a very relevant one for all cycling parents out there (especially being school holidays) and might help them with the decision of when to let their kids ride on their own (or better still… with the mates).

This is what it looks like on your computer at home.

This is what it looks like on your computer at home.

Images courtesy DCRainmakers indepth Garmin 510 review.

  1. Glenn says:

    Hey there,
    A similar thing I do with my son is to track his mobile phone. When MTB riding he has a mobile in his jersey pocket using MapMyRide. This also has a live tracking feature. If he does get into trouble then he can make a call for assistance.

    Garmins etc are great but not cheap. I got him a small, android pre-paid phone for $50. Most teenagers have their own phones anyway with plenty of ‘find my friends’ type apps available.

    Just another option.

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