A lesson for all young riders…

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Tips & Hints
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Carelessness not an excuse when it comes to anti-doping; as Stefano Agostini recently discovered.

It’s all well and good thinking you’re only junior riders and you won’t be tested… but I can tell you there were ASADA testers at the Perth round of the NJTS last year and also at track nationals.  Up until now, only under-17 riders have been tested, but that doesn’t mean riders even younger won’t be tested in the future.

Plus its good to get into a habit now of ensuring you’re well informed and understand what you’re putting into and onto your body.  As can be seen in Agostini’s case, its also important that parents of junior athletes are well informed of what they can and can’t give to their kids.

ASADA anti-doping-kit

ASADA has some resources that I would encourage all young riders and their parents to check out.  They’re quite clunky and sit on a platform that is prone to crashing (I find embarrassing that our national anti-doping agency’s website is so antiquated) but they do get the message across.  They can be found via this page.  You need to create an account and can then do the modules.

It would be any athletes worst nightmare to test positive for something they had no idea was banned.  Ignorance isn’t an excuse so get to know whats-what.



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