Ararat Junior Tour – Part II

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Opinion

Seems my previous post about the Ararat JT has caused a bit of a stir.  I guess in a sense that’s what it was designed to do!  Rereading it, although it contained nothing but the facts, it possibly was a bit harsh; especially on the officials who were working on the tour… so I’ve decided to remove it from this blog.  (Note to self: don’t write posts immediately after a negative experience… sleep on it first!)

In the previous post I did bring to light all the positives from the tour… and they remain.  The Ararat Club, in fact any club that runs a JT, from a cycling parents POV, should be congratulated and encouraged and supported… perhaps this got a little lost in pointing out all the issues that this particular tour encountered.  While I didn’t single anyone out, if anyone felt offended, I apologise.  Junior racing would cease if it wasn’t for clubs, volunteers and officials.

Hopefully those charged with making change can take much of the feedback from the tour and use it in a constructive way.  I do understand that when things go wrong at a tour like this, those in charge are easy targets.  It’s not easy to run an event of this magnitude but it is something that others manage to do successfully and CV and its JT host clubs need to continue to work to improve their event delivery.

Lets hope the fallout means that in the future the Ararat JT, and all the other Victorian and other state’s JT’s, think even harder about how they can promote the best event they possibly can… and not just do what they did last year and the year before that and the year before that…

Over and out from CyclingDad

  1. Henry says:

    Hey CyclingDad
    I think your first post was spot on. Hopefully this ‘stir’ you mention might bring change to all Victorian junior tours. I especially think they need to be four-stages and to be decided on time (not points) at least for the 15/17 age groups. Keep up the agitating for all the cycling parents out there without much of a voice.

    • onaneedtoknowbasis says:

      Up here we do timed GC for U15/U17 and points for U13 and below…. I’ll have that Goulburn Tour report done in the next 7 days. In the meantime results can be found here for those interested… If people are interested, I can supply race distances for each event on request. One of the most interesting tidbits was the U15A and U17B rode the same stage 3 time trial, the U15As finished with better times than most of the U17Bs (even with the extra metre of rollout). Off to Brisbane in a couple of weeks for us and then the Canberra Junior Tour…

  2. Cycdad says:

    Thanks for the link and info. Look forward to linking your Goulburn report. There certainly seems to be a very strong group of JM15s this year! Similar results for 15A and 17B at Ararat – in fact the first three in the 15A ITT were the three fastest times ever recorded on that course for that age group in some seven years. There are a number of very strong JM15s in Victoria and a couple of SA boys also made the trip to Ararat who go very well. Canberra should be fun and then back to Wagga for Nationals.

  3. Looking at the Goulburn details it seems the “4th” event is the little prologue they do at the start which serves to set the grades. So not only do you get the extra event, you get a bit of objectivity in the grade splits.

    Re Ararat “issues” it really comes back to CV. They leave too much discretion to clubs and Commissaries to run open events their own way. CV no doubt has policies about this and that but of these are not followed there is no recourse for aggrieved parties.

    • onaneedtoknowbasis says:

      At Goulburn, the Prologue was only used in the U11s as a grade splitter as the state handicapper did not know the kids well enough to make an objective decision. The other splits were determined by current information and club coaches making contact with the handicapper once entries had closed.
      Couple of other important bits of info re Canberra – there are no grades, age and gender divisions are raced as if it were a state championship. The tour also doubles as the ACT Junior Road and Criterium Championships (our ITT Champs are held separately for some reason). Medals are allocated to 1,2 and 3rd irrellevant of your federation (there is also a separate ACT medal for the first ACT rider).

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