Well worth the trip…

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Racing

With track season coming to an end, its time to plan for the upcoming road season and which events your juniors might target.  I’ve mentioned in a previous post, contemplating a National Junior Road Series, some of the better Junior Tours to consider.  One such tour is first off the bat: The Central Districts Cycling Club’s Santos Junior Tour.  Moved to a mid-April slot for 2013 (13th and 14th April) it ticks all the boxes with arguably the best parcours of all Junior Tours as well as a well organised and safe racing environment.

2012 winners are grinners!

2012 winners are grinners!

Some other pluses:

    • It’s won on time (not points)!
    • It’s a full four-stages (unlike most of the Victorian JTs!)
    • There are very cool jerseys for the leaders to wear and the winners to take home.
    • Stage two includes a climb of Menglers Hill (which often features in the Tour Down Under).
    • The ITT fourth stage is a cracker on a tough rolling out-and-back course.
    • It’s held in the heart of the Barossa Valley (actually the nextdoor Flaxman Valley) so there are great wineries for mum & dad.
    • Despite popular myth, South Australians pretty nice, welcoming people!
    • Oh, and you get to wear cool coloured helmet covers…???

With the recently completed TDU, NJTS event and now the Junior Track Nationals in South Australia, I imagine a few of you have been over there recently.  All I can say is its worth another trip for this event.  Now in its 46th year its got some pretty impressive names on its honour roll.  Try John Beasley (1978), Pat Jonker (1985), Brett Aitkin (1987), Luke Roberts (1993) and in more recent times the likes of Luke Durbridge, Dale Parker, Alex Edmondson, Brad Lindfield and Callum Scottson.  Leigh Howard also won the under-15 tour in 2003!

So its got the history; the course; the organisation; and the safety.  Catch a plane, jump in the car or on the train, just get over there and kick your JT season off with a bang!  Oh, and did I mention about the coloured helmet covers – a different colour for each age category!  I think its a South Australian thing…

What'd I tell you about the coloured helmet covers... I think it looks cool!?!

What’d I tell you about the coloured helmet covers… I think it looks cool!?!

  1. Another Cycling Dad says:

    Glad we read this and have just entered… Looks great, hopefully some other J13’s turn up! Thanks for posting or its unlikely I would have even seen it.

    • cycdad says:

      Pleasure ACD, just be aware that with this particular tour they only race under-13’s on the one day – NOT both days. Other great junior tours for under-13s include Wagga Wagga, Mersey Valley, Eildon and of course Canberra (the unofficial Nationals for the under-13s).

  2. Another Cycling Dad says:

    one day will suit us just fine! I’m not sure how he’s going to go as we have no real benchmark apart from previous years times. Either way it will be good for him to race against some different kids

  3. Another Cycling Dad says:

    what a great weekend. Glad we went.. course is challenging and the organisation was spot on… and the young bloke didnt come last which is a bonus ha ha

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