Things to put in your cycling bag

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Tips & Hints

This blog is intended for the beginning cycling parent and one of the things that will become a mainstay is your child’s cycling bag.  The bag they take to events thats holds everything from spare tubes to Opsite to end caps to basic tools.  This list probably isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a start for what you need.  Let’s base it on track season, as there are some differences for what you need for track as against road.

  • Spare tubes (x2)
  • Basic tool kit (allen keys, wheel/pedal spanner, shifter) – won’t mention chainwips etc. here, will save for another post.
  • Insect repellent, sunscreen, lip balm, deodorant
  • Basic medical: Opsite + padding, bandaids, Panadol
  • Chamois Cream
  • Spare bar end plugs – no end plug, no race!
  • A towel – for rain or for sweat!
  • A couple of cloths/rags
  • Spare cleats (this is important and often forgotten)
  • A photocopy of your child’s license – I actually ‘accidentally’ lose my son’s license early in the year and get another one issued for a small fee. That way, he carries one and I have a spare in my wallet for emergencies.
  • Spare pins – for putting on numbers
  • Sandpaper – for bedding in new (or old shiny) tyres
  • Spare kit (jersey/knicks) – in case there is a fall and kit gets ripped.
  • Spare wheels – not essential, but I’ve seen lots of crashes where one of the two wheels are destroyed so if you’ve got a racing set and spare set, is good to take with you.  I’ve found you can usually borrow a wheel to keep racing if needed.
  • Definitely spare sox – because kids are forgetful
  • Empty bidon (waterbottle)  – for when they forget a full on!
  • Bonk Breakers – bars and other long-life food stuffs that they can eat when starving

As I say, this list probably isn’t exhaustive, but a good start.  When your child enters under-15 or under-17s it is likely they’ll want to play around with different gearing on club nights.  I’ve got to say I’m against the implementation of the new increased limits of under-17 riders for this year.  The rationale behind it was that we were falling behind the rest of the world (who are allowed higher gears for junior athletes).  Not sure how this could be justified seeing as we’ve won the most medals at the last four junior world’s?  Plus, internationally, the age categories they’re comparing us with, equates to second-year under-17s (their under-18s), not first-year riders who could be as young as 14 being asked to push a 90-inch gear!  Any how, will save that rant for another post also.

In terms of what sort of bag.  Something on wheels is good.  Something big enough.  A lot of people use a large carry-on style bag with wheels and a pop-up handle; others use a kind of large toolbox – again on wheels and with a handle; and some people just use large backpacks or other generic bags.  Something that can separate your shoes and protect your helmet also has its advantages.

If you’ve got any ideas for posts, please let me know.

  1. Chris Muir says:

    Another good tip is for both the parents and the junior rider to take a close up photo of their licence on their mobile phone

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